Metrol® Hydrogen Fuel


Hydrogen Fuel

Metrol® is a new revolutionary Net-Hydrogen fuel that is energy-dense and liquid at ambient room temperature & pressure, with comparable energy to that of gasoline or diesel.

Metrol® is an engineered fuel initially combining hydrogen with nitrogen from the air, not unlike other nitrogenous compounds similar to ammonia [ NH3 ] or urea [CO(NH2)2].

Metrol® chemically stores and distributes energy for on-demand use of hydrogen as a fuel for internal combustion engines and fuel cells; it provides storage, transport, and user convenience as an energy-dense liquid.

When Metrol® is burned the hydrogen becomes water vapor and the nitrogen returns to the atmosphere for endless preparation of net-hydrogen liquid fuel.

Metrol® is the registered trademark of McAlister Technologies for net-hydrogen liquid fuel that can be stored in existing gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel tanks.


Existing combustion engines can easily be retrofitted to run on Metrol™ in about the time it takes to do an oil change. Most vehicles and electricity generation systems can be converted to operate interchangeably on Metrol and their original fuel.

    Hydrogen Combustion Engines actually exceed the Zero-Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) specifications.

    • Engines running on hydrogen have no GHG emissions.
    • They clean the air that passes through the combustion chamber, burning pollen, particulates, and other harmful substances in the hydrogen combustion process.
    • They are “Minus Emissions Vehicles” (MEVs). MEVs could eliminate 50% of global CO2 emissions.

    Did You Know…?


    Hydrogen Fuel

    Existing internal combustion engines using the appropriate fuel injectors can run better on clean hydrogen fuel.

    When hydrogen fuel burns, the only exhaust is water vapor

    4.1 billion existing engines can be converted to run better and clean the air:

    • transportation engines (cars, trucks, trains, ships & planes)
    • electricity generators
    • farming equipment
    • industrial engines, furnaces, heaters, and boilers
    • mining applications

    Scalable Using Existing Infrastructure

    Existing Refineries, Pipelines, Railways, Storage Tanks, and Fueling Stations

    Metrol® overcomes the traditional challenges of gaseous hydrogen production, storage and distribution.

    • Over 90% of global hydrogen is currently produced from fossil feedstocks using a steam reformation process that is highly pollutive.
    • Green hydrogen is produced without harmful emissions by using renewable energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The trade-off is consuming water, a vital resource, as the feedstock.
    • Metrol® is produced with zero emissions using renewable energy.
    • Hydrogen gas must be stored in a high-pressure tank to hold enough fuel for transportation purposes.
    • Alternatively, storing hydrogen as a liquid has required a cryogenic tank to maintain the necessary below-freezing temperature of -253°C (-423.4°F) to keep hydrogen in liquid form.
    • Metrol® can be stored in typical gasoline or diesel storage tanks and distributed through the existing pipeline to the pump at your local fueling station.