FuSE™ Projects

Community Partnerships

Each Hydrogen-Carbon Venture enterprise will cultivate local entrepreneurial opportunities for growth through joint ventures, partnerships, and supply chain relationships.

For example:

  • Local agribusinesses providing farm waste feedstocks for HydroCarbon Splitting.
  • Green construction enterprises using the HCV’s carbon fiber-enhanced building materials.
  • Additive manufacturing businesses using the HCV’s carbon-based composites.
  • Landfills and wastewater processing plants providing bio-feedstocks to the HCV while benefiting from HydroCarbon Splitter™ systems waste processing.

The integration of the key McAlister technologies is referred to as the FuSE™ technology platform.

FuSE™ Projects can be co-located at the HCV factory site or situated nearby.

Benefits to FuSE™ Projects include onsite zero-emissions fuel and electricity at reduced cost.

Locally-produced fuel and power also supports off-the-grid manufacturing facilities that can be deployed in rural locations or in developing nations that currently lack electrical grid capacity and grid resiliency.

Every Community Can Wield
the Expansive Power of HydroCarbon Splitting

  • Communities can transform local sources of greenhouse gas emissions into economic power.
  • The HydroCarbon Splitter™ is the tool we need to reverse the damaging momentum of climate change.
  • Deploying a network of Dual HCS Factories plus associated FuSE™ Projects is the techno-economic plan that can achieve large-scale success.

“We see a carbon revolution that builds the durable goods that are needed and a hydrogen revolution that parallels it for the energy conversion needs of the world. Virtually every community has a way of participating in this sustainable prosperity revolution.” 

~Roy E. McAlister