Team & Advisors

At Metrol Carbon Ventures we believe in diversity & equality. As such, our team reflects a group of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Strategic Planning, Education, Refinery Operations, Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Roy McAlister

Founder, Chairman, CTO

Roy McAlister has been a professional engineer, author, and humanitarian for over fifty years. Roy is the inventor of Metrol and holds over 300 patents in renewable energy. Roy also holds Master of Science degrees in Metallurgy, Materials Science, and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kansas.

Mr. McAlister has developed, patented, and demonstrated his inventions to capitalize and initially raise more than $200 Million for his new venture licensees. He also is the Founder and President of the worldwide nonprofit Hydrogen Association.

Roy profitably operated his 60-technician machine shop for three decades, providing engineering services to various aerospace and commercial firms for whom he developed and licensed numerous energy conversion systems and new materials.

Roy’s innovations have created multiple solutions to achieve climate change mitigation, unlimited clean energy, and sustainable prosperity worldwide. With a new way to harvest hydrocarbons, the productive use of carbon changes the economic viability of hydrogen fuel.

Additional inventions licensed by Roy McAlister have been private-labeled including “Craftsman” brand tools by Sears.

Professor McAlister’s background also includes instruction in engineering subjects at the University of Kansas and Arizona State University. His Capstone Student teams won international engineering contests with projects that proved combustion engines, furnaces, and boilers can clean the air by adaptive hydrogen combustion.

Roy is often invited to provide lectures and keynote papers regarding renewable resources, inventions, and sustainable economics to various engineering, economics, and sociology groups.

Richard Otto

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Otto plays a central role in guiding the development and commercialization of Hydrogen-Carbon factories and refineries within the McAlister Climate Enterprise Network.

He has worked with Roy McAlister since 2006 to commercialize technologies that deliver clean air, clean renewable energy, and sustainable materials. Mr. Otto and Mr. McAlister are laser-focused on implementing globally scalable technologies to mitigate the increasing damages of climate change.

Mr. Otto has over 30 years of experience in organizational development and training. His work has specialized since 2006 in the research, development, deployment, and commercialization of renewable resource technologies to solve the climate crisis.

Austin Greiner Sr

Executive VP and CFO

Mr. Greiner has twenty-five years of experience and a proven track record in all areas of management including strategic planning, leadership development, project management, organizational change-facilitation, public relations liaison, and team training programs. His vision, commitment, and efforts are at the intersection of economic and environmental wisdom.

In addition to his work for MCV, Mr. Greiner is the CEO of Connecticut Hydrogen-Carbon Ventures, Inc. (CT-HCV), a McAlister Technologies Licensee. This green-tech start-up is focused on using the revolutionary power of the McAlister HydroCarbon Splitter™ to produce clean hydrogen and advanced carbon materials in a cost-effective and low-emissions process from organic waste feedstocks.

Michael Paulus, PhD, DBA 

Executive VP of Operations

Dr. Paulus is a seasoned leader with extensive experience in strategy, organizational development, and large-scale program management with over 100 successful projects to his credit. His program acumen includes strategic business innovation and execution, including directing enterprise programs with assets and capital oversight exceeding $30 billion.

In addition to his work for MCV, Dr. Paulus is the Chief Executive Officer of Georgia Hydrogen-Carbon Ventures, Inc., a start-up green-tech enterprise focused on clean hydrogen and sustainable carbon materials production.

Georgia Hydrogen-Carbon Ventures, Inc. is a founding member of the the Southeast Green Energy Innovations Tech Hub Consortium (SGEI) and a technology licensee of McAlister Technologies, LLC. Dr. Paulus serves as SGEI’s Regional Innovation Officer. The Consortium is centered in the nexus of three emerging industries: clean hydrogen, advanced carbon materials, and climate change mitigation.

David Vasquez

VP of Corporate Communications

Dr. Vasquez is a communications and project-visualization specialist in graphic art, animation, video production and renewable resources. His Doctorate Degree is from the University of San Francisco with projects in filmmaking, urban planning, bio-science, computer graphics and instructional design.

Christina Red

VP of Carbon Products Manufacturing

Mrs. Red has been a raw materials and aerospace supply chain analyst and business development consultant with more than 20 years, focused on the field of advanced carbon composites. She provides consulting services in due diligence, industry benchmarking, growth strategy, and competitive market analysis for a range of materials, aerospace, defense, automotive, alternative energy, and consumer product industries.