Leading a Climate Enterprise Network

Metrol Carbon Ventures, Inc. (MCV) is the business incubator and coordinating hub for locally-owned McAlister Technology licensee enterprises.

As a public benefit corporation, MCV’s role is to support, empower, and monitor the network of independently managed Hydrogen-Carbon Ventures (HCV) factories and the FuSE™ community projects that develop in partnership with each HCV.

MCV provides a wide range of resources and support services to each Hydrogen-Carbon Venture in the network.

Business Systems

HCV Network Strategy

Global Strategy

The MCV Resource Team

Metrol Carbon Ventures, Inc. partners with these organizations
to provide technical training, data, quality standards, and development support for Hydrogen-Carbon Ventures factories. This coalition is dedicated to bringing the benefits of renewable hydrogen, harvested carbon, and sustainable prosperity to communities around the world.

Commercialization Hub

Business Enterprise Leadership for the Hydrogen-Carbon Ventures Network of factories.

  • Coordination hub for a network of public benefit for-profit Hydrogen-Carbon Ventures.
  • Triple Bottom Line commitment: People, Planet, Prosperity.

The Training Hub

Educational division of The Hydrogen Association.

  • Public awareness on climate change and clean energy solutions.
  • Outreach to educational institutions.
  • Workforce development.
  • Technical curriculum development.

The R & D Hub

International Science & Research organization.

  • Hydrogen research & development.
  • Science & engineering collaborations.
  • Advocacy to advance the deployment of sustainable hydrogen energy solutions.
  • Applied research and demonstration projects.